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Genealogy is a link that connects the past and present of a family's history. It is a connection that joins people together. As researchers, we value and cherish the courage of the men and women who have made this site possible. We honor the memory of those who have lived here before us. We desire to preserve their history and cultural heritage, and to keep their spirit alive. We remember and respect all the pioneers of this county, and the all people who came later.

We have learned that those who have requested our services are among the most discerning and quality-conscious people on the planet. Fortunately, our knowledge of this county and our research skills has enabled us to consistently live up to your standards.

We are a small group of researchers who understand that trust is built over the passage of time. Although we are few in numbers, our personal attention to the details of your research goals has enabled us to compare favorably with much larger organizations.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the response we have received from others. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with everyone's needs and wishes.

Nevertheless, we sincerely want to do our best to build strong and enduring relationships with other family historians who are interested in genealogy. Our desire is to be known among our peers everywhere as the premier researchers in this area. If we are doing our job well, our credibility comes through loud and clear with every contact you have with us. We sincerely want to make our web site shine in a way that proudly promotes our heritage and conveys the simple beauty and majesty of Bartow County.

We genuinely appreciate your thoughts and suggestions, and we look forward to hearing from you often. Please don't ever hesitate to contact us.

Thank you so much for your trust and confidence in us. Your continued requests for our publications and research services is our greatest reward. Good luck as you search for your family history, and please accept our best wishes.


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